Brandi Dawn Henderson Launches WHEREABOUTS in Washington D.C.

Henderson at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
(cover page, Henderson and Shenan Prestwich at John Hopkins University on October 12, 2013)

Brandi Dawn Henderson, the editor of 2Leaf Press’ recently released book, WHEREABOUTS: STEPPING OUT OF PLACE, had a successful book launch in Washington D.C. with book parties at James Hopkins University n October 12th, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library on October 16th.

WHEREABOUTS BOOK COVERWHEREABOUTS is an anthology of the best nonfiction stories from Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, an online journal founded in 2011. Henderson presents thirty-eight emerging and established global storytellers who share stories discussing what it means to enter a new place; the kinds of worlds that exist to others that we, ourselves, do not experience; and how place and/or circumstance can affect who and how we are.

There were amazing appearances by some of WHEREABOUTS contributors, including Vicki Valosik, Paula Cruickshank, Adrian Mangiuca, Angela Magnan, and Shenan Prestwich.

The print edition of WHEREABOUTS is available for sale on AMAZON.COM.  The ebook will be released soon.  Visit Brandi Dawn Henderson on Facebook and learn more about her amazing  travels and writings.


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