Award-Winning Poet Tony Medina Publishes BROKE BAROQUE in Print and eBook Formats


Award-winning poet, Tony Medina, publishes his latest collection, BROKE BAROQUE, the third in a series of Broke Books centered on “Broke,” a character that bears witness to his plight of homelessness in a humorous yet profound way.

BROKE BAROQUE contains poetry peppered with images articulating Broke’s erratic experiences on the streets of Any City, USA. Through tall tales, anecdotes, episodes, rants and jokes, Broke eloquently and irreverently conveys his marginalization in a grossly unaccommodating society. With his trademark absurd and caustic wit, Medina portrays Broke’s anger, fear, humility, and resolve with humor, insight and compassion, bringing moments of levity and hopefulness to Broke’s plight. Funny and perversely sharp, whimsical and impassioned, BROKE BAROQUE is compulsively readable and will connect with any book and poetry lover alike. With a powerful introduction by McArthur-winner Ishmael Reed, BROKE BAROQUE is available in both print and ebook formats on

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