Meet 2Leaf Press

We are 2Leaf Press, an imprint of the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS), a NY-based nonprofit organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy.  Our motto, “2Leaf Press, a small press with big ideas,” touches just the tip of the iceberg.

2Leaf Press’ mission is to publish books of passion and purpose that also celebrate the authentic voices of multicultural writers, because we recognize the need for writers to breathe on their own without suffocating the premise of multicultural literature to death.  Oh, by the way, we consider all writers multicultural.

We have a great website at, which we encourage you to visit.  Here, we’re posting some of our recent entries, plus a little bit something extra.

We’re also available on the following social media websites.  Be sure to join up and keep up with one of the most innovative small presses in the country, 2Leaf Press, a small press with big ideas!







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