Jesús Papoleto Meléndez’ Celebrates Anniversary with 2Leaf Press @ Nuyorican Poets Cafe


HEY YO! YO SOY! BOOK COVERJesús Papoleto Meléndez, who published HEY YO! YO SOY! in October 2012, was the first 2Leaf Press book to ever be published. To commemorate the author and celebrate the edition, 2Leaf Press, in association with Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase held a star-studded celebration on on October 17 at The Nuyorican Poet Cafe in New York City.

Poets that participated included Frank Perez, Not4Prophet, Bonafide Rojas, Sandra Maria Esteves, Jani Rose, Myrna Nieves, Urayoan Noel Tomas, Carmen Bardqguez-Brown, Nicolas Linares, Cindy SugaRush, JMx Poetess and Samuel Diaz Carrion, with a special appearance by bassist Jonathan Toscano. The event was emceed by the legendary Keith Roach. Also featured was a documentary on Meléndez by filmmaker Vagabond, and a special video commemorating the event by poet and board member, Stephanie Agosto.

Books were sold, and people partied after (and during) the event. Moguel Algarin, one of the founders of the Nuyorican Cafe, and originally slated to appear at the event (and could not due to a scheduling conflict At Hunter College’s Centro), stopped by later on that evening to offer his support. Special thanks to Papo Swiggity and Jani Rose of Capicu Poetry for putting together and promoting a successful evening.  HEY YO! YO! SOY is available for sale in print and ebook formats.


Shirley Bradley LeFlore Discusses 2Leaf Press Books, BRASSBONES and RIVERS OF WOMEN


Kristen Hare || St. Louis Beacon

In her poems, Shirley Bradley LeFlore tells stories; and often, those stories are about women.

“I felt that women represent so much, as mothers, being a mother myself, being a girl, being an active person, a traveler, a woman that was always, from a girl, interested in watching people, listening to them,” she says. “I would say that runs through a lot of my work.”

LeFlore’s first book, BRASSBONES AND RAINBOWS  is a collection of poems written across the span of more than 40 years as a poet. During that time, LeFlore has been active in St. Louis as one of the original members of the Black Artists Group, starting the Creative Arts and Expressions Lab in 1981, which developed into a place for artists to perform and have community workshops. >>READ MORE

LeFlore’s books are available in print and ebook on  Learn more about her play, RIVERS OF WOMEN at her website,

Brandi Dawn Henderson Launches WHEREABOUTS in Washington D.C.


Henderson at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
(cover page, Henderson and Shenan Prestwich at John Hopkins University on October 12, 2013)

Brandi Dawn Henderson, the editor of 2Leaf Press’ recently released book, WHEREABOUTS: STEPPING OUT OF PLACE, had a successful book launch in Washington D.C. with book parties at James Hopkins University n October 12th, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library on October 16th.

WHEREABOUTS BOOK COVERWHEREABOUTS is an anthology of the best nonfiction stories from Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, an online journal founded in 2011. Henderson presents thirty-eight emerging and established global storytellers who share stories discussing what it means to enter a new place; the kinds of worlds that exist to others that we, ourselves, do not experience; and how place and/or circumstance can affect who and how we are.

There were amazing appearances by some of WHEREABOUTS contributors, including Vicki Valosik, Paula Cruickshank, Adrian Mangiuca, Angela Magnan, and Shenan Prestwich.

The print edition of WHEREABOUTS is available for sale on AMAZON.COM.  The ebook will be released soon.  Visit Brandi Dawn Henderson on Facebook and learn more about her amazing  travels and writings.

Last Poet Abiodun Oyewole to Publish Poetry Collection with 2Leaf Press



The Last Poets, Abiodun Oyewole, is publishing his first poetry collection (ever) with 2Leaf Press this coming November, 2013.

Meeting with publisher and editor of the collection, appropriately named BRANCHES OF THE TREE OF LIFE, here is what Oyewole had to say about the book:

I’m very excited about the publication of this book. Some people may ask why it took so long, or why I am doing it with 2Leaf Press, and it’s all about timing and commitment. I love working with Gabrielle, she intuitively knows how to make this happen; it’s clear by how the manuscript is shaping up that she has researched me and my work to pull together a comprehensive body of work that reflects who I am, and what my poetry is all about. Also, I am extremely pleased and grateful by the photography, cover design and video by Vagabond. I have a lot of respect for him, and he has managed to capture the essence of who I am as well. I think this book is going to make waves in the African American community.

Stay tuned for more info on Oyewole’s publication date and book launch.

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