2Leaf Press’ FALL/WINTER 2014 Catalog

2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the release of its Fall 2014 catalog, available electronically on ISSUU and MAGCLOUD. 2Leaf Press has begun to venture beyond poetry by expanding its reading genres to include novels, memoirs, and young adult books.

2Leaf Press published its first book, Hey Yo! Yo Soy! by Jesús Papoleto Meléndez on October 19, 2012, and is celebrating its Second Anniversary. We’re only two years old, but still going/growing strong!

This Fall, 2Leaf Press published its first novel, THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL by Eric E. Fitz, a contemporary story set in New York City that is inspired by William Faulkner’s classic novel, The Wild Palms. Our long-awaited young adult book, PUERTO RICAN FOLKTALES/CUENTOS FOLCLÓRICOS PUERTORRIQUEÑOS by Lisa Sánchez González, is the first offering in nearly 50 years of traditional Puerto Rican folktales and legends presented in a bilingual edition. THE DEATH OF THE GODDESS, A POEM IN TWELVE CANTOS by Patrick Colm Hogan, is an epic, narrative poem that is a moving account of affection, personal loss, and grief inspired by Buddhism, Indic thought and the Bhagavad Gita.

All of our books are available on Amazon.com and other online outlets.

Digital vs. Print: The Book Battle Rages On


As the holiday shopping season swings into full force, it’s interesting to watch people buying books. Many a wish list has everything from the latest by Stephen King to an Amazon Gift Card (an actual card or via email) to a new e-reader device. Yet the battle for which is more popular is truly running neck and neck.

No matter who you ask, the answer is always different, and usually very passionate. Christine Donovan, from Deerfield Beach, FL, says, “I love my Kindle! I can have anything I want at my fingertips! The store is always open, no matter what my mood.” Essentially, she’s right. The internet is always open, and you can go to any site that sells digital books, pick what you want, pay and within seconds it’s downloaded onto whatever device you use.

Yet others will say, “But I love the feel/look/smell of a book in my hands, on the shelf and in a book store.” >>READ MORE

20 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer


If 81 percent of the U.S. population wants to write a book, why do only two percent accomplish that goal?

First, the majority of aspiring authors don’t have a strong enough desire to achieve this status, so they don’t take the necessary action to manifest their dream. Second, they lack the motivation, organization, tenacity, mindset, or energy to write their books. Thus, they are left feeling they can’t become authors.

If, to date, you have not written your book, you likely fall into one of these two categories. Since you read this blog, I’m going to assume you have a strong desire to write your book. That means you are willing to take some action toward your goal. >>READ MORE