Shirley Bradley LeFlore Discusses 2Leaf Press Books, BRASSBONES and RIVERS OF WOMEN

Kristen Hare || St. Louis Beacon

In her poems, Shirley Bradley LeFlore tells stories; and often, those stories are about women.

“I felt that women represent so much, as mothers, being a mother myself, being a girl, being an active person, a traveler, a woman that was always, from a girl, interested in watching people, listening to them,” she says. “I would say that runs through a lot of my work.”

LeFlore’s first book, BRASSBONES AND RAINBOWS  is a collection of poems written across the span of more than 40 years as a poet. During that time, LeFlore has been active in St. Louis as one of the original members of the Black Artists Group, starting the Creative Arts and Expressions Lab in 1981, which developed into a place for artists to perform and have community workshops. >>READ MORE

LeFlore’s books are available in print and ebook on  Learn more about her play, RIVERS OF WOMEN at her website,